Friday, June 3, 2016

Summer is fast approaching!

"The Way I Feel"  bookmark contest! 

Hand in hand with Centerville Bank and the Washington County Coalition for Children, we were able to participate in their annual "The Way I Feel" bookmark contest for Grade 2 Students. This year, they selected 2 Grade 2 winners: Congratulations to Gavin and Evan!

The last PTA meeting for the year was held this past Wednesday, so many hands making great things happen all the time! A special welcome to the 2016-17 PTA Executive Board: Maeyee Lee Barrette, Holli Filiatreault, Tami DePietro, Christine Boudreau and Cathie Cool Rumsie!
A very special thank you to Jenn Spira for all of her years of dedication as she steps down from her role of President, you will be missed!

Next week there are so many events in store for our students! 

We will start the week with a cookout and field day. 
Grade 2 will be visiting Metcalf School.
Grade 2 will also be going to Kettle Pond. 
Kindergarten will be visiting the Children's Museum! 
Grade 1 will be spending a day at Mystic! 

So many memories with school friends will be in the making! 

Have a wonderful weekend! 
Melissa Marino