Friday, May 29, 2015

Week Ending May 29

Good Afternoon, 

I am in disbelief that there are 15 more days left to this extraordinary school year! I had the opportunity to observe 2nd Grade friends helping out in Mrs. Civic's Kindergarten class this week and it made me feel a little bittersweet because it seemed like they were just in Kindergarten themselves and now they are heading to Metcalf as Grade 3 students!  This week in general has had a slight impact on my sense of time as my son got his driver's license! Where does the time go??

Grade 2 students helping in Mrs. Civic's class

GRADE 2 having a great day at the zoo!!



This week, in my grade level meetings with the students they had the opportunity to share what they love and think should stay the same at Wawaloam and what they think would be a good idea to change.  I am sure you can imagine the insightful ideas that they shared! I thought I would pass along some of these delightful ideas for your entertainment! 

"We need a bigger office". 
"We need a bubbler that is faster and colder".
"We should have school on the weekends!"
"We need strawberry milk". 
We need pictures of bees on the wall" :)
"I wish the slide on the playground was longer". 
"We need higher monkey bars."

How could you not smile at these suggestions!!! 
Have an amazing weekend, lots of choices out there to keep busy and active! I am hoping for my first beach day of the season! 

Melissa Marino

Visit the Community Announcements page of our District website for information regarding Free Summer Meals! For teens and kids, 18 and under . . .

Friday, May 22, 2015

Week Ending May 22


Enjoy the time with your family over this long weekend while remembering those who gave......... 

Thank you Mrs. Ray, Mrs. Scheff and Mrs. Beaulieu for a wonderful Night of the Arts! What an AMAZING turnout!! 

Hope that students came home on Wednesday sharing the excitement of The Ned Show this week! I know many families opted to purchase yo-yo's even though we made sure to say that this was optional. The reason we bring this show back every couple of years is because of that OUTSTANDING message: did your children tell you what NED stands for? 
N-Never Give Up
E-Encourage Others
D-Do your Best! 
The message is aligned to our continued reminders of the importance of the Growth Mindset!! One student actually said, "Thank you for the best assembly ever!"

Today I had the good fortune of participating as part of a panel of judges for the Senior Projects at the High School. It made me think about how quickly the time goes by and how significant these projects actually are. I have to say, I was impressed with each of the presentations today and loved the reminders about how important it is to foster perseverance in our children (together). It has been an absolute pleasure to celebrate the learning that has taken place this year at Wawaloam School! 

Visit the EWG Community Announcements page for detailed information about Free Admission to Mystic Aquarium and EWG Little League's Pawsox Fundraiser!

No School Monday, March 25

Get ready for the home stretch! 

Melissa Marino

Friday, May 15, 2015

Week Ending May 15

Good Afternoon,

Once again,  we have had an amazing week of growing and learning at Wawaloam School. Honestly, there is not a day that goes by when I do not feel fortunate to find myself inside of this school filled with people who genuinely adore and appreciate their students.

I would like to offer you the opportunity to explore a new growing resource that is available for families. Mary Slattery, who is the Principal of the Junior High School spearheaded the effort to organize resources that may be helpful to you.

I am including the link to the site in my blog this week because I feel that knowing this is available will serve as a reminder to check out the tools and resources and will point you in the right direction if needed. I know this is a work in progress so be sure to share other ideas or even resources that you know of that could be added to this link.

Next week, we are bringing back a motivational assembly for students called The N.E.D. Show.  It has been about 3 years since they have come to Wawaloam! This show is full of energy and excitement! You will be getting a flyer telling you about the show and giving you the opportunity to purchase Yo-Yo's as the whole show takes on the theme through Yo-Yo tricks. We just want to stress that making purchases is NOT necessary at all, a requirement of having the show is offering these items to the students. We do not receive any funds as a result of these sales and it is entirely up to you if you opt to purchase anything. If you do, the item will be bagged and labeled and sent home and not allowed to be brought out at school until it goes home. We find that clarifying this is helpful in advance :)

Just a friendly reminder that safety is always first and with the warm weather we want to remind you about safe feet and toes by asking that sandals and open-toed shoes or flip flops be saved for the beach because they can be hazardous here at school.  Please refrain from sending your children to school without their feet being covered.

Hoping you all have a great weekend!

Melissa Marino

Reminders and Upcoming Events:

The NED Show! This Wednesday at 1:45 (Look for an informational flyer coming home soon)

No School on May 22 for Students

Friday, May 8, 2015

Week Ending May 8

Another busy week at Wawaloam School!

Thank you so much to all of you for making Teacher Appreciation Week so special! PTA- we LOVED the basket of fruit! Families- the pictures of teachers, the letters, the dress like a teacher day and of course all of your homemade treasures will be cherished for years to come! We are so lucky to have such a supportive community! What a great week this was!!

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers and caregivers!

CHESTER AND THE BULLY- Did any of your children talk about this story? It is one of my favorites!!


What a great turnout we had last week for our FIRST EVER FACULTY/STAFF Lip Sync Event! We raised $3000.00 to support families who are battling pediatric cancer. We could not have done this without all of the organizers, performers and of course the attendees!! Thank you! 
Mrs. Millard, Hannah and Mrs. Curry!
Mrs. Cash!
Bill Plumley! 

*All we heard from our friends this week was how much fun the Sweetheart Dance was! Thank you for making these type of events possible for our students!!

Don't forget to check out what is happening at your local library!

Special Announcement:  8th graders at EWG Junior High, are working on a Girl Scout Silver Award Project. We are giving a presentation at the West Greenwich Community Center on June 2 at 6:00 PM. Our goal is to inform children about animal abuse to help prevent it. If children are taught how to treat their pets well, they will then teach their kids how to be better pet owners and this will continue on for generations. We are making sure children can become better pet owners. "

 Teachers talking with students during our Learning Walk this week:

Thank you parent volunteers for planting marigolds with every student! 

Students writing thank you notes to the farm that donated the marigolds!
A special thank you to Heather Eklof for continuing to think of us 
at this time of year and recruiting volunteers to do this special recess activity!! 

Our Grade 2 Students are studying mealworms :)

Thank you Jenn Spira for sharing this quote!

Please visit the Community Announcements page on the District website for details about the upcoming Boy Scout Pancake Breakfast.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend with beautiful weather predicted! 

Melissa Marino

Mark your calendar! Art Show Monday, May 18th 5:45-7:15  
6:30 Chorus performance!