Friday, May 29, 2015

Week Ending May 29

Good Afternoon, 

I am in disbelief that there are 15 more days left to this extraordinary school year! I had the opportunity to observe 2nd Grade friends helping out in Mrs. Civic's Kindergarten class this week and it made me feel a little bittersweet because it seemed like they were just in Kindergarten themselves and now they are heading to Metcalf as Grade 3 students!  This week in general has had a slight impact on my sense of time as my son got his driver's license! Where does the time go??

Grade 2 students helping in Mrs. Civic's class

GRADE 2 having a great day at the zoo!!



This week, in my grade level meetings with the students they had the opportunity to share what they love and think should stay the same at Wawaloam and what they think would be a good idea to change.  I am sure you can imagine the insightful ideas that they shared! I thought I would pass along some of these delightful ideas for your entertainment! 

"We need a bigger office". 
"We need a bubbler that is faster and colder".
"We should have school on the weekends!"
"We need strawberry milk". 
We need pictures of bees on the wall" :)
"I wish the slide on the playground was longer". 
"We need higher monkey bars."

How could you not smile at these suggestions!!! 
Have an amazing weekend, lots of choices out there to keep busy and active! I am hoping for my first beach day of the season! 

Melissa Marino

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