Friday, June 5, 2015

Hello June! Lots of information and reminders-



Grade 2 friends visited Metcalf this week, did you get any feedback from your children? What did they think? I popped into Mrs. Millar's class and asked them how it went and heard lots of positive comments and excitement! They are so ready for this transition!


This is a great resource for supporting an increase in physical fitness for your family or individually. I love that they are asking for a "healthy selfie" picture! Check it out!


A special thank you to our PTA for all of the amazing support this year, we really appreciate how much you do for our students. Welcome to Cathie Cool Rumsey in her hew role on the PTA board!


We are winding down and preparing for our end to this fantastic year. Today we practiced our building evacuation to make sure we know what to do in the event of an emergency. Doing these always provides us with ideas for improvement. This was by far our quickest evacuation but we know we can do even better if we move 2X2. We always appreciate that Peter Pertraca, our school resource officer comes to help us at the crosswalk. Tell your children you know they did an awesome job today!


Next week on June 11 I am teaming up with the Exeter and West Greenwich Libraries to kick off the summer reading program. With the Superhero theme, it should be even more fun than usual!! Miss Shannon and Miss Diane are planning a skit of some sort and they were glad to learn that I have a bee costume we will see what that means!! I do know that if your children save the bookmarks they will receive and visit the library 6 times that Kiki's Ice Cream is providing a coupon for a Free Cone to celebrate!! We are thrilled to have these community partnerships!


Coventry/West Greenwich Elks will be hosting a FREE Children's Awareness Day event on Saturday, June 20-aturday, June 20, 2015. Please visit the EWG website - Community Announcements page for details.

Have a great weekend as we prepare for our last 10 days!!

Melissa Marino

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