Friday, June 19, 2015

Last Blog of the Year

Our school year has come to a close and we can not thank YOU, the families of our students enough, for your constant and unwavering support! The children have grown and learned so much through our collaborative efforts! We love your children as though they were our own and appreciate that you have shared them all with us this year!

Please carve out time for summer reading! The special book marks came home this week and Miss Diane and  Miss Shannon are waiting for all of you to come and visit!! This is so important! You will notice a big difference in their success in the classroom in the fall if reading and math practice are maintained throughout the rest of June, July and August.

Enjoy some pictures from this week and a short video of the Kindergarten Celebration!

Mrs. Millard's Class
Tug of War
Obstacle Course

All Hands Drumming

Silly Kindergarten Boys!!

Del's Break Time

Grade 1 had a FANTASTIC TIME AT MYSTIC AQUARIUM!! I heard our students were respectful, responsible and safe and that we even received compliments!! Nicely done friends!

Will and Allie at Mystic
Kindergarten Friends!

One of our happy Bike Raffle Winners!!

You should have received your child's report card and the bookmark for the library and also a ticket to a Pawsox Game. We have a few extra  tickets in the office if you plan to go with other children so let us know if the dates on the ticket work for you (these games are in the next week or so...) You can stop by to pick them up next week if you need more. 

Enjoy every minute of your summer vacation! Read, read, read!!! Keep a book with you at all times, maintain all of the hard work and learning from this school year. 

We also want to make sure you take time to play outside, get lots of fresh air and exercise! We will be back before you know it so make every minute count. Put down the phones and the electronics and enjoy the time together with your family :)

Check  your email from the school throughout the summer for news and updates and I will also pass along any fun activities/ideas that I come across! 

We will miss you so much Mrs. Civic! Thank you for always having kind words and a smile on your face. You are a role model to so many people for all of the countless examples of positive words and spreading joy and happiness. We love you!!

Bee happy!!!

Melissa Marino XOXOXO

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