Friday, February 17, 2017

Week Ending February 17th Wawaloam School

 Click the arrow on the image to go on a quick visit to our 100th Day of School Museum

Thank you to all families who participated in the 100th day of school project. This is such a fun way to connect home and school and we look forward to seeing the creative projects every year!

Love was in the air this week at Wawaloam School! What a great exchange of Valentines among friends. We hope these are the special times that children cherish and remember and thank you to our amazing teachers for planning so many fun, learning activities with aValentine's theme!

We hope you all have a restful vacation week with lots of time for creating new memories. Don't forget to check out the Exeter and West Greenwich Public Library this week!

The ice in our back playground area caused us to have indoor recess a lot this week! We were able to have a couple of indoor recess sessions using the GONOODLE app. You can create a gonoodle account for home too and it is FREE! This is a fun way to make sure everyone gets some activity in each day! Check out our Kindergarteners having a fun time together today:

When we come back from vacation, we will try the February healthy snack of the month! This month all students will have a chance to try the STARFRUIT! We are wondering if you hear about these healthy snacks at home? Do you have any feedback? Let us know! 

Looking for a new way to connect with other EWG community members? Look for more information after the break about a new Family and Friends Gathering at the Exeter Library on the 2nd Wednesday of the Month starting on March 8, 2017


MARCH 19th PBRUINS Hockey Night with EWG Schools  For more information contact

EWG Girls Softball Spring Registration:


PAINT NIGHT! More information coming home soon! Thursday, April 13, 2017


 "EWG Youth Football and Cheer Signups"

Friday, February 3, 2017

February 3, 2017 Wawaloam News and Updates

Dear Families,

I had the pleasure this week of learning first hand what it feels like to be a Wawaloam School student! First, I had to find a student willing to have a personal shadow for Groundhog Day and then I was able to put this plan into action.

From morning routines to art class and lunch and recess, I can assure you that the students at Wawaloam are non-stop all day long! The learning and enriching experiences that they have to be challenged are endless and I will remember today for a long time to come!

 A very special thank you to Jael and to Mrs. Donnelly for making space and time for me to participate in this professional development exercise.

Thank you for your feedback and input, we have been moving busses forward earlier in the morning and adding 10 minutes to our parent drop off time for four consecutive days and we have heard very positive feedback. These are the kind of situations that make me very proud to be part of a community that is willing to speak up and put our student's safety first in all situations.  We have also noticed the difference in the increase in fresh air time in the morning for students. So far, this is a win-win in all directions. Please continue to let us know what you think so that we can always move in a forward direction.

Today, we were lucky to have our health and PE teachers and school nurse organize a whole school walk after lunch in support of the American Heart Association Go Red Day. This is the 15th year of the organization leading this initiative and we had a healthy, happy time participating. We walked 3 laps around the school from 1:30-1:45 PM. Thank you, Mrs. Breene, Mrs. Guglielmo and Mrs. Larkin for helping to keep everyone healthy at Wawaloam school!

Math night is coming!! Save the date for your family: March 22, 2017 at Metcalf School!

Hoping everyone has a great weekend! Go Patriots!


The BJ Fundraiser is a special 13 membership offer ends that ends February 3rd (you can still participate if you are interested)  Please return your application to school to purchase or renew your BJ Membership. BJ’s donates $5 to the EWG-PTA for every application we receive back! This special offer is also available to your friends, family, co-workers(in and out of state)!

It’s a great way to help raise funds for the PTA, just share this special offer with your network of contacts and have them follow the return instructions. 
Questions? Contact Cathie Cool Rumsey at