Friday, May 22, 2015

Week Ending May 22


Enjoy the time with your family over this long weekend while remembering those who gave......... 

Thank you Mrs. Ray, Mrs. Scheff and Mrs. Beaulieu for a wonderful Night of the Arts! What an AMAZING turnout!! 

Hope that students came home on Wednesday sharing the excitement of The Ned Show this week! I know many families opted to purchase yo-yo's even though we made sure to say that this was optional. The reason we bring this show back every couple of years is because of that OUTSTANDING message: did your children tell you what NED stands for? 
N-Never Give Up
E-Encourage Others
D-Do your Best! 
The message is aligned to our continued reminders of the importance of the Growth Mindset!! One student actually said, "Thank you for the best assembly ever!"

Today I had the good fortune of participating as part of a panel of judges for the Senior Projects at the High School. It made me think about how quickly the time goes by and how significant these projects actually are. I have to say, I was impressed with each of the presentations today and loved the reminders about how important it is to foster perseverance in our children (together). It has been an absolute pleasure to celebrate the learning that has taken place this year at Wawaloam School! 

Visit the EWG Community Announcements page for detailed information about Free Admission to Mystic Aquarium and EWG Little League's Pawsox Fundraiser!

No School Monday, March 25

Get ready for the home stretch! 

Melissa Marino

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