Friday, August 29, 2014

Dear Wawaloam School Community,

We are off to a GREAT start and are amazed at how quickly we are adapting to new routines. Our Full Day Kindergarten friends are sharing smiles and figuring our how our school functions each day. First Grade friends are thrilled to be here all day this year and Grade 2 friends are helpful, respectful and kind as they represent the "BIG KIDS" now!

As a school, we are working together to adjust to the new year while assessing systems and routines to ensure our school runs as smoothly as possible.

One thing that would be a TREMENDOUS help is to make sure we have a note if your child will be picked up from school. Please include the name of your child, your child's teacher and the specific day of the pickup, if this is a routine one note is acceptable. This small step helps us to stay as organized as possible at the end of the day.

We want to know how the week is going for your child, please tell us if you hear anything that causes concern so that we can address this right away. We want this to be the most successful year possible for EVERY child and we will need to be partners in this process.

Look at our school and how shiny everything looks! We have to give a pat on the back to our awesome custodial staff. They worked so hard to give our students a school that makes you smile when you walk down the halls!

By now you should have received the information and the invitation for our Open House Events. Grades 1 and 2 on September 11 and Kindergarten will be held on September 18th. We hope you will join us for these fantastic opportunities for parents/caretakers to hear about what your children are learning and what is expected in the classrooms.

We can't wait for next Friday when Johnny the K will visit with his usual motivational presentation and yearly kick-off for our PBIS program!

Don't forget to mark your calendar for the first PTA meeting on Thursday, September 4 at 6:30 PM AT METCALF School this month!

Enjoy the 3 day weekend! See you Tuesday~

Melissa Marino

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