Friday, September 19, 2014

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Week of September 15, 2014

Good Afternoon,

Congratulations! We made it through the first, full five day week of school. Did it feel longer for anyone? I did notice a few extra yawns today :)

Thank you to all Kindergarten families who attended our Open House this week. We were thrilled with the turn out and I am sure you gained valuable insight from the Kindergarten teachers on the expectations for the year. We are so happy to have our Kindergarteners here for the WHOLE day!
Thank you again  this week to the PTA board for their welcoming reception at the entrance to our school and for helping families complete background checks and "sign-ups" for PTA memberships.

Also, I know there have been a few questions about dropping off AFTER the allotted time for parents, which is 8:25-8:35. We simply have to wait until all 5 busses have dropped off children and left before we will be crossing students in our crosswalk. Please wait in your vehicle until we are clear of busses rather than waiting where the flagpole is at the beginning of the crosswalk. We cannot have children "playing" in that area and we really appreciate your help with this.
We recognize that this may not be the most convenient approach, but from everything we have experienced, we assure you it is the SAFEST method for our students.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my weekly meetings with each Grade level. I am so impressed with their RESPECTFUL behavior during our time together. We are working so hard on what it means to be a GREAT audience. We talk about eyes on the speaker, hands to yourself, bodies still and I have to tell you the results are IMPRESSIVE!!! We have had weekly raffle winners in each grade and students are applauding for their friends and celebrating their good choices together.

In all 3 Grades, K-2 we read the book, It's Mine by Leo Lionni. The reason I picked this story is because it talks about working together and that sharing yields better results for everyone which is a great message for our school community.  If you would like to check out this book with your child, I found a youtube link that reads the actual story out loud:

Community News

There was information passed along this week regarding Boy Scouts- if you have any additional questions, please contact:

For more information about GIRL SCOUTS you can contact:

I have been watching the signs pop up around town for the FALL FESTIVAL this weekend  and I am happy to share the following links that will give you the details about this FUN FAMILY EVENT! I know Keith Munslow is scheduled at 11:00 AM!  I am hoping to make it there myself. This information can be found on the Exeter Library website or at

I hope you have an amazing weekend! Make it count!
Melissa Marino 
Melissa Marino

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