Thursday, October 9, 2014

Weekly Reflection Wawaloam School

This has been a week of quiet reflection.......your children are the reason we all love to come here every day. They amaze us with their growth and amuse us with their innocence and sense of humor! 

Given the information we were exposed to this week, it is important that we search for stories of hope and encouragement. There is an inspirational quote by Maya Angelou that says,  "Be the rainbow in someone else's cloud". 

I want you to remind you that we prioritize the safety of our students but I also need to share that I observe the faculty and staff coming in here every single day  "bringing the rainbow with them" no matter what they are dealing with in their own life or even disheartened by due to disturbing news or events in the world. 

The feeling of joy and happiness permeates throughout Wawaloam School. I believe that a sense of optimism and positivity contributes to the feeling of safety and security for our students and I just wanted you to know that this is what I notice and proudly appreciate every single day when I walk throughout our building. 

Motivated by the back page of Parenting Magazine I have decided to ask 5 random students a question on occasion so that I can share these responses with you from time to time. The first question that I asked was:

"Where is your favorite place in the entire world?" 

These are the 5 student responses to that question:
Stephanie S. "Disneyland!"
Natasha P.  "My house" 
Angelina L. "Hershey Park!"
Hunter G. "Yawgoo Water Park!"
Natalie S. "Hawaii"

If you have ideas for questions that I could ask, please feel free to share your ideas! If I choose your question, I will mention you in my blog :)

PTA has asked me to forward to you the following information:

The deadline for the fall fundraiser is approaching fast - all paperwork and payments are due by Friday, October 17th.  All students who sell $100 or more or donate $40 or more will be entered for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy 3 tablet.

Forms have gone home for new student directories being compiled for each grade. The PTA will not publish home addresses, only adult email addresses and/or phone numbers for those interested in sharing. The directories will be distributed in paper form in November, by grade.

In honor of Eat Better/Eat Together Month I am sharing the following link because I love how it recognizes the importance of eating together as a family. With my husbands schedule and the busy kids schedules, it is hard to sit down for dinner together EVERY night but we make it a point to do this at least two nights a week and always on the weekends. I try to cook one of the meals the night before and we usually do take-out on Thursdays to make this manageable. Consider pasting this link in your browser and check out some of the ideas contained in the President's Challenge Newsletter:

Parent Teacher Conference Day Tomorrow  10/10/14 -We will miss all of our students at school tomorrow but I know teachers have been getting ready to meet with you for Parent Conferences if you have not done so already. 

We are very excited about all of the Box Tops coming in to school and also the returned Stop and Shop Codes for the A+ Reward Program. Thank you so much!!

You should have received an email today with an attachment telling you about the new computerized system we will be using for our lunch program starting at the end of the month. We are planning to send home a paper copy of this information as well. This will be on RED paper and will go home on Tuesday of next week so please be on the lookout. 

Enjoy the extended weekend with the Columbus Day Holiday on Monday. There are still plenty of pumpkins and apples left to pick! 

Melissa Marino

P.S. There is an article in the Standard Times this week about our new Smartboard Technology at Wawaloam School. Check it out!


  1. Flu clinic Wednesday, 10/15 at METCALF School from 4-6:30. Hope to see you there. Bee Healthy!
    Mrs. Larkin