Friday, November 7, 2014

Honoring our Veteran's at Wawaloam School


It is with great pride that I share our school based effort to honor our Veteran's.  This entire month of school wide meetings will be devoted to giving thanks and how we can be helpers in our own community.

This week, we worked in collaboration with the Coventry Applebee's to create thank you cards which will be distributed to the many Veteran's who will visit the restaurant on Veteran's Day where they are eligible for a free meal. This is a special day at Applebee's and other local restaurant's who have this in place.  Applebee's decided to reach out to the community by requesting that local schools design these cards to show the impact their dedication and service has had on their community. We were so pleased to have the opportunity to be part of this special event.

I also had the privilege of visiting a Veteran from Wakefield, R.I. who was able to obtain red Poppies for all of our students to thank them for participating in this whole school service project. Wawaloam School made a difference!!

Additionally, I wanted to tell you about an upcoming presentation being put on by the EWG Partnership with Parents and the PTA. The presentation is titled: Social Responsibility/Social Networking and your Digital Footprint. A Journey into being socially responsible while using Social Media.  This is taking place at the Junior/Senior High School Auditorium from 6-8 PM on Thursday, November 20th. For more information, please contact:

Also, please consider taking the time to check out the Wawaloam Art blog created by our Grades Kindergarten and 1 art teacher, Mrs. Beaulieu. She has also hung some beautiful art work in our foyer!!  Check it out  When I popped into her class this week the first grade students were creating beautiful owl art with chalk pastels!  Take a peek:

Hoping everyone has a fabulous weekend, I heard there is one more final Waterfire this Saturday for the season in Providence and that the Children's Museum has a brand new water exhibit! Two events worth checking out!

Reminder- No School Tuesday, November 10 in observance of Veteran's Day

I have been reading a book recently that continually emphasizes making time for fun and being silly with your kids, they will hold on to those memories. Instead of rushing to put the laundry away, my daughter and I had a quick "sockball fight" and I think I was laughing harder than her! This took about 2 minutes total and felt great, this is something to think about in those moments of haste and changed my outlook on laundry for a moment!

With admiration,
Melissa Marino

@MelissaMarino9 (on Twitter)

PS We would love to hear about special ways that your family helps the community, please email me if we have students doing good deeds outside of school so we can add these to our daily announcements this month!

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