Friday, January 30, 2015

Lots of helpful information this week!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Know that your child's health, safety and well being are priorities at Wawaloam School. We continue to encourage frequent hand washing, covering coughs, good nutrition, fresh air, exercise, etc. but recognize that our population is young and learning to master these healthy behaviors. Increased illness at this time of the year is to be expected. Working together, we hope to minimize the amount of illness so our students can be in school, feeling well, and ready to learn and excel at Wawaloam School. Mrs. Larkin and I have been reflecting on information that we feel may be helpful now that we are encountering increased illness. She has shared information that we wanted to pass along so that we can stay as healthy as possible:
Despite our continuous efforts to decrease the spread of illness, this is the time of the year when students seem more likely to become sick. Complicating this year is the report that the flu vaccine has not been as effective as was hoped. In school, the most common recent complaints have been: stomach aches, nausea, diarrhea, headaches, sore throats, ear aches, vomiting, and developing fevers.

This is a reminder that while attendance is very important, it is also very important that your child feels well enough to be in school for the day with his/her classmates and ready to learn. If your child has a fever of 100 degrees or higher, has vomited, has a headache not relieved by an over-the-counter analgesic, a severe persistent sore throat or earache, nausea or stomach ache unrelieved by eating, going to the bathroom  and/or an antacid, it is advised that your child remain at home with a responsible caretaker. Please contact your physician for medical advise if needed. I can be reached at 295-8802 if you have any questions or are unsure if your child should come to school, or wish to discuss your child's health.

As a review, students should remain out of school for 24 hours fever free without the use of analgesics before returning to school. Students who vomit should be able to eat solid foods without further vomiting for at least a day before returning to school. Students with persistent headaches, sore throats, earaches should be evaluated by their physician to determine if medication should be ordered to relieve their symptoms. If your child is brought to the physician, it is advisable to obtain a doctor's note that he/she has been examined. This will document the reason for your child's absence, if prolonged, from school. Students who are prescribed an antibiotic, must take the antibiotic for 24 hours to be noncontagious and able to return to school.

During this time of higher than normal illness, to limit unnecessary exposure to ill students in the health office waiting to be picked up, I have requested that staff continue to use health office passes to send ill/injured students to the health office and to limit the visits of students whose complaints are minor and can be handled in the classroom. For example, during the winter months, having chapped lips is a big distraction for many students. If able, you may send in a lip moisturizer with your child's initials for their personal use.
Please note that during the winter months, unless the temperature, including wind chill, is below 20 degrees, or inclement weather, students spend approximately 15 minutes outside to enjoy fresh air, exercise and sunshine. Please mark all belongings with their initials to avoid items becoming part of our growing lost and found bin. If your child is missing a piece of winter clothing, please encourage him/her to check this bin or send us an email describing the missing item and we will gladly check for you.
If your child is in need of a winter coat, or clothing, please let me know. I frequently receive donations of gently used items to pass on to our students.


Thank you so much Mrs Larkin! We certainly appreciate all of these reminders! 

Additional information that we want to share is that we are extending the Flash Food Drive from this week until Monday. Please try to send in one item.  Mr. Feinstein has announced that he will donate 1.00 per item up to $1000.00 to all schools who participate. As of now, we seem to have about 400 items. Anything you can send in is appreciated. 

Don't forget about the Math Workshop next Wednesday at Wawaloam School from 9:15-10:45 AM. This is on the Common Core Math and Tools to Support Instruction at Home and Mrs. Kilday will be the presenter. She can offer this at additional times as well if there is interest. Please let us know. 

Hoping you all have an outstanding weekend and that you are ready for some Superbowl action!! 

Melissa Marino

PS- Here is a GREAT site to check out with your child about Groundhog Day which is on Monday, February 2, 2015!

PSS - 100th day of school is now on February 6 (NEXT FRIDAY) we will accept your 100th day of school projects throughout the entire week next week! We already have some AWESOME creations!! 

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