Friday, October 9, 2015


Dear Wawaloam School Community, 

As you may have heard, the walkathon was a great time for everyone! We appreciate the efforts on behalf of our PTA volunteers for all of the time that went into this memorable, fun, fitness promotion that will benefit EVERYONE! 

Please see the following message from Jenn Spira, our PTA president:

Our walkathon events are over, but the walkathon fundraiser continues!  Please continue to share our GoFundMe address with your family and friends (, and encourage them to mail donations and sneaker messages to our schools. We will continue to post the sneakers outside every classroom as they arrive throughout the month, and plan to announce our final fundraising total in late October or early November. 
Thanks to all of the families that participated, and to all of the volunteers, teachers and administrators who contributed to the walkathons this week to help us pull them off. A great team effort that shows the best of EWG!

Picture day has come and gone, the children were adorable and very patient when there was an issue with one of the cameras. We ended up extending recess time to make sure that everyone could get pictures taken BEFORE swinging, running, sliding and digging. 

Thank you all for sending in wipes that are safe for handwashing to our Art teachers! We really appreciate this support. This will be a big time-saver and will result in extra time for ART in art class. 

As a result of the extended recess and the Professional Development Day, the only grade that I met with this week was Kindergarten. I am always curious if they can communicate the time I spend with them to you at home. 

This week I read, The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper. I told them that I call this book "an oldie but goodie" because it is a book you can read over and over again and enjoy the story each time (I actually got this phrase from my daughter who is in Grade 1).  

I picked this book to remind them to always believe in themselves and they also picked up on all of the other trains who were not willing to help, children actually said out loud, "that's not nice!"  These are the moments that allow us to connect the events in a story to how they can make a difference in school or at home. I am including a link to the reading of this book in case you want to share the story together at home. 

Reminder that there is no school on Monday, October 12- Columbus Day. There are lots of Fall Festivals happening out there! Have a fun long weekend with your family!

Melissa Marino

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