Friday, November 6, 2015

Wawaloam School Events 11/6

Thank You Veterans

We thank you for your service and for protecting our country. 

We have come to the end of another great week at Wawaloam School. Our Grade 1 and 2 Read Challenge winners were announced today and the kindness mailbox was presented to students in Grades 1 and 2. 

All students are invited to write letters sharing examples of kindness that are happening at Wawaloam School. They can write about someone being kind to them or about an act of kindness that they have observed. These letters will be collected once a week and will be shared in weekly meetings or even over the intercom! We are lucky to have such a dedicated PBIS team coming up with ideas all the time to remind and reinforce the message to students about Respectful, Responsible and Safe choices. 

Mrs. Larkin and I met together this week with Kindergarten to talk about germs, washing hands and staying healthy. Mrs. Larkin showed the students her "stuffed animal" germs and then she had me sneeze out loud while I was holding little pom-poms in my hand. I released these during the sneeze so they could see how far germs can travel......if your child came home and told you I sneezed all over them......this will explain things! Thank you Mrs. Larkin for reinforcing such an important message! 

This week I also had a great visit with two students in Mrs. Corcoran's class. They came to tell me about the Mystery Skype's they have been participating in. This week they were able to talk LIVE to people at the North Carolina Aquarium.  Imagine that you can go on a field trip while you are in your own classroom! 

 Students were sharing all sorts of facts they had learned from the session and were quite excited about the topic. We are getting more and more creative in our classrooms about how we  go about learning! While this was taking place, the students had to record data and write fun facts that they had learned.  What a great way to make learning exciting for our students! 

A quick reminder that there is no school on Wednesday, November 11- enjoy the extra day with your family if you can! 

Also, the Proud Painter Fundraiser is SOLD OUT for tonight. 

Have a fantastic weekend! 
Melissa Marino

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