Friday, January 22, 2016

Happy Birthday John Hancock!

Dear Wawaloam Community, 

Although the week was short, we were still very, very busy! Teachers are spending lots of extra time preparing 2nd Quarter report cards which will be coming home on February 12th. 

As a school improvement initiative, we are placing extended emphasis on the importance of handwriting and a consistent approach from Kindergarten through Grade 2. Even though we are more emerged with technology everyday, it is the automatic formation of our letters that lays the groundwork for academic achievement. We know that if handwriting is taught consistently that students' writing quality, quantity and speed have been shown to improve. This is not about rushing students, but about helping them to develop these skills so that the act of handwriting becomes an innate ability that will positively impact performance across all subjects. 

Timing wise, an interesting fact is that tomorrow is the birthday of John Hancock, who is remembered for his signature on the Declaration of Independence. The date is now recognized as National Handwriting Day and in celebration, students will be receiving pencils that say, "I Love Writing". 

We are trying to get outside as much as we can but on some days it is just too cold! Here is a picture of some Kindergarten friends getting the wiggles out using a 2 minute GoNoodle video. Check out that website, it is free and you can use it at home too!

Mrs. Caron's class getting the wiggles out! 

I hope you all have a great weekend and that we are not hit with too much snow! Enjoy the playoff game this weekend! 

Melissa Marino

Community Announcement Links

There is going to be a parents night out event on February 13th. The student police academy along with SGT Petrarca (safety officer) and Sean Fay (firefighter) are hosting this event to allow parents of elementary school children to enjoy a night out for Valentine's Day. SGT Petrarca has reserved the Gym at Exeter West Greenwich High School for the event. The times will be from 6-10 pm and the cost will be $15.00 per child. 

Open a new or renew your existing BJ's membership and save at least $15!   EWG PTA will receive $5 from BJ's for every participant.  Please send your completed form and payment to Metcalf Elementary School, c/o EWG PTA.   Open to all!  Offer expires February 5, 2016.   

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