Friday, October 28, 2016

Week ending October 28 at Wawaloam School

Thank you to everyone who sent in a carved pumpkin for the magnificent display in front of our school!

We can't wait to drive by and see them at night over the weekend.  Everyone who came in the building mentioned the pumpkins!

We hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween on Monday. Just a friendly reminder, please leave costumes and candy at home to ensure a safe and healthy day at school.

*If you would like to send a few pictures of your children in their costumes, I will print them and hang them up in the hallway, we do know how much they LOVE this fun holiday! 

We do have an ongoing food collection for our local food pantries. 
Send your non-perishables in with your little ones between now and Thanksgiving.

There is a NEW TRAFFIC PATTERN AT METCALF SCHOOL.  You will see a separate email from Wawaloam today to ensure that this information is communicated for the November 1st plan of action. Thank you for reviewing the new plan for safety at METCALF SCHOOL.  We know there are many of you with children in both schools and who use the YMCA so we are spreading the word!

A special thank you to Mrs. C. who visited from Ocean State Transit and talked with us about School Bus Safety!



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