Friday, May 9, 2014

Dear Wawaloam School Community~

A special thank you, to all of you who are sending in those band-aids. What a difference this will make!! We have had to add another bin out in our hallway, how exciting! We love that Mrs. Larkin organizes this collection each year!

By now I bet many of you are looking forward to the upcoming Sweetheart Dance being held on May 17th at Metcalf. The Hollywood Lights theme is sure to be a big hit!! PTA is devoting many hours into planning this behind the scenes and I know how much we all appreciate those efforts!

This upcoming week there is an Art Show here on Monday night from 6:00-7:30 PM. It is one thing to see individual student works of art but it is amazing to see so many budding artist pieces on display in our halls like a museum! Thank you to Mrs. Ray and Mrs. Scheff for organizing this for our school.

I am looking forward to the School Committee meeting this week where we have a chance to shine and share the on-goings of our school. I appreciate the contribution of some members of chorus, the Kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Blake, Mrs. Cohen, and Mrs. Corcoran and parents who are helping us to make this a student focused presentation.

I am curious what kind of discussion took place at home after Wednesday’s presentation by the Connecticut Science Museum. We learned an awful lot about bubbles and liquids! Did your child(ren) tell you anything about the show? I know PTA is hoping for feedback as they sponsored this program.

Thank you so much for helping to recognize our teachers this week. They really appreciated all of the well deserved attention. Our wall of fame was a stopping point this week, you just had to stop to admire the pictures drawn by students of our teachers. One teacher told me that was her favorite part of the week!!
It was also fun to observe all of the students who opted to dress like teachers…some even carried a briefcase to school!! 

On behalf of all moms, grandmothers, step-mothers, caregivers and close friends of family etc. ……Happy Mother’s Day. I hope you have a chance to put your feet up and pat yourself on the back for your unending efforts and the superhero endeavors that you accomplish every day.

Melissa Marino

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