Friday, May 30, 2014

Our Wawaloam Week In Review

Good Afternoon Wawaloam School Families,

I hope our Grade 2 students and chaperones had a wonderful day at the zoo today! The weather was absolutely perfect! I am looking forward to seeing the Animal Research Projects that develop as a result of this visit! They are always so creative and full of detail and extra effort! This trip aligns with the Common Core State Standards that fall under “Research to Build and Present Knowledge”. Thank you Mrs. Levett for sharing evidence that a fun day is under way! 

Our Grade 2 Student Leaders have been working nicely with Mrs. Curry to recognize and acknowledge their peers for making Respectful, Responsible and Safe choices. Students have been checking in at the office in the morning, putting on their Student Leader vests and giving out blue tickets to fellow Grade 2 classmates for the past month. We are in the trial phase to work out the kinks and have this program in full swing next year. This week, we raffled off 4 Wawaloam School T-Shirts to celebrate those positive choices in our school.
It is hard to believe our Grade 2 students will be on their way to Metcalf in a few short weeks! They will be missed terribly! They have helped me all year long with announcements and have been the role models for expected behavior! The time has gone by very quickly, this will be the first group that was here at Wawaloam for Kindergarten! I wish nothing but the best for each one of you! You will be in very good hands with Mrs. Almonte and Mrs. Fish! They are ready and waiting for you J
I have noticed a big change in Grade 1 as well! Each day that passes you appear more and more as Grade 2 students! You are ready!! I am very impressed with the reading, writing and math skills you have secured this year! I hope you will take advantage of our summer reading incentives which we will tell you about in a couple of weeks!
Next week, Kindergarten will go to South County Museum on Wednesday! I am hoping to tag along with the morning group….we will see how the week unfolds. I am so proud of all of our students and I am looking forward to the end of the year Kindergarten Celebration!
The end of this year will bring mixed emotions as we have 3 retirements at Wawaloam. At the end of this year we will lose 3 devoted and dedicated individuals. Mrs. Rotelli, Mrs. Gaulin and Mrs. Zannelli will be starting their next chapter.  Mrs. Rotelli is a Grade 1 teacher, Mrs. Gaulin teaches Grade 2 and Mrs. Zannelli was a teacher assistant here for many years and is ending her career over at Lineham School. I hope they will continue to somehow stay connected to our school as many retirees do! Once you have been part of the Wawaloam Community, you will forever have a special place here……and these are 3 very special individuals. Please feel free to write them a note or a memory or have your child draw a picture commemorating the difference they have made here.
We are in the final stages of drafting our School Improvement Plan for next year. Your input is needed. If you have any suggestions, ideas for making our school the best it can “bee” please drop me a line or two, your opinion is essential…this is our school :
Hope to see some of you at the last PTA meeting for this school year on Thursday June 5 at 6:30 at Wawaloam School!
Have a fantastic weekend!

Melissa Marino

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