Friday, April 29, 2016

Week Ending April 29, 2016

Today was the first day of scheduled Kindergarten Screenings for our incoming Kindergarten students! There is nothing that compares to seeing the excitement and anticipation in the eyes of these young children as they approach the building! Some of them come with backpacks and pictures they have drawn and we absolutely love the opportunity to welcome them into Wawaloam School.

A special thank you to Mrs. Chris Petrarca, Mrs. Tammie Cash, Mrs. Pat Rheinberger, Ms. Sharon Callanan, Mrs. Lin Patty, Mrs. Olga Lerner and Ms. Kayla Caron for preparing for screening appointments and welcoming our new friends!

If you know of friends, neighbors, cousins etc. with children that may be eligible to register  (5 years old by September 1) but have not done so as of yet, please send them to Wawaloam School and let them know that now is the time! 

This afternoon, we had the distinct pleasure of meeting with Rhode Island Commissioner of Education, Dr. Kenneth Wagner who visited Wawaloam School today.  He had a tour of our school, visited classrooms and talked with some teachers and parents. We were very happy that he came to see us and hope he will come back again soon!

Thank you to Jenn Spira, Tami Depietro, Christina Boudreau and Alicia Cranston for carving out  some time in their busy schedule for an afternoon to participate in an informal conversation about Rhode Island education.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Maybe I will see you at the Family Science Expo!

Melissa Marino

P.S. Looking forward to seeing all of the teacher pictures on Monday!

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