Friday, May 6, 2016

Wawaloam Information and Sharing May 6, 2016

To all moms and caretakers, wishing you all a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day.  Celebrate with your children doing something you love! Let's hope for an appearance by the sun! 

This marks the end of the official week of Teacher Appreciation but there is not a day that goes by that I do not feel appreciation and admiration toward the men and women who lead our classrooms at Wawaloam School. Behind the scenes I observe countless hours of time and dedication to classrooms by this amazing faculty and staff! 

If you could see all of the hugs and tears being wiped away and the encouragement that is bestowed upon the children on a daily basis, you would be in the same state of awe. There are requirements that happen in the classroom but there are also extensive levels of caring that go beyond these walls.  

I receive emails, calls, texts and visits several times a day, always with the same message, "What can I do to help my student?" These teachers would do anything, and do everything they can to ensure the success of students. I assure you, teacher appreciation is something to celebrate every single day. 

Thank you to all families for helping to make this week "extra" special, I think dress like a teacher day will remain a favorite!!  We truly appreciated the thoughtful recognition from the PTA, the water, mentos candy, popcorn and breakfast were a nice surprise! 

One additional recognition I would like to share is that today is "Nurse's Day". Honestly, I could not ask for a more competent, caring, compassionate School Nurse Teacher than Mrs. Debra Larkin. Each day is a display of unending devotion toward everyone. We are truly fortunate to have the care of our students in her hands. 

Thank you Deb for everything you do! 

Here are some of the dates/events coming up at Wawaloam School:

5/10  Wawaloam School Committee Presentation 6:00 

5/25 Night of the Arts at Wawaloam School -starting at 6:00 PM

5/27 No School Professional Development

5/31 Grade 2 Field Trip

6/6 Wawaloam Field Day (Rain date 6/7)

6/10 Grade 1 Field Trip

6/15 End of Year Kindergarten Celebration

6/16 Last Day of School 

Have a great weekend! 
Melissa Marino

Community Announcements 

High School Horticulture Plant Sale

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